What we do

At medpirica, we see ourselves as healthcare experts who support you as both market researchers and consultants

We perform market and healthcare research tailored precisely to your needs and are on hand  to help you implement the results. What’s more, we work alongside you to develop new concepts, communication methods and marketing strategies.

The interaction between the various players and stakeholders involved in the healthcare industry makes the sector highly complex. This complexity is a constant source of motivation for us and we love nothing more than to solve the challenges it presents.

Philosophy & Background

Our comprehensive knowledge of research methodologies enables us to adapt our approach depending on each client’s specific area of interest. Instead of using inflexible, off-the-shelf methods, we design each of our studies in accordance with your needs.

The benefits of working with medpirica:

  • Competent: Our medical and methodological skills combined with our long-standing experience mean we are well placed to develop and conduct studies which are relevant in practice
  • Client centric: We work closely with our clients, from understanding their precise concerns to implementing the study results
  • Background: Our employees’ interdisciplinary background and experience working in our clients’ industries and for agencies (e.g. pharmaceutical industry, health insurance providers, agencies and institutes) allow them to draw on a diverse range of expertise

Market Research & Healthcare Research

  • Activities

    We research markets and healthcare structures. We relish the opportunity of rising to the challenge of investigating the often complex issues facing the healthcare industry. We believe that our work makes an important contribution to improving the care provided by the medical and healthcare industry in Germany and beyond.

    We conduct market and healthcare research tailored to your specific needs. Our activities include:

    • Researching the lives and working routines of HCPs, patients and relatives
    • Systematising and analysing the drivers and barriers affecting prescription decisions
    • Developing, testing and optimising communications materials for HCPs and patients
    • Analysing markets and identifying positions
    • Developing and evaluating service plans and patient support programmes
    • Evaluating and analysing patient journeys and treatment methods
    • Quantification of Attitudes & Behaviour
  • Methods

    We undertake both ad hoc market research and secondary analyses. Our innovative methods and sufficiently elaborate study designs make us stand out and enable us to gain important insights beyond those typically found by research projects.

    Besides traditional qualitative and quantitative survey techniques, our methods and strategies include the following:

    • Psychodrama
    • Ethnography
    • Social media analyses
    • Segmentation and target group analyses
    • Morphological psychology
    • Online group discussions
    • Forecasting, needs and potential analyses
    • Baseline studies and advertisement impact studies by means of implicit reaction time
  • Solutions

    We place utmost priority on ensuring that our results are relevant in practice. This requires us to perform our work to a very high professional standard and to ensure that our methods are underpinned by science.

    To guarantee this is always the case, we adhere to three primary maxims:

    • Concise reports detailing the results with recommendations for action
    • Focus on how well the results can be implemented
    • Close collaboration with our clients and the option to adapt the methods and contents of our research during the course of the study

Chairing of discussions & Consultancy work


Besides working alongside you to run workshops, we hold mediation and training sessions. These can be based on a previous study or be standalone and unrelated to specific projects. When chairing discussions and offering consultancy services, we adapt the topics and methods to your specific needs and objectives.

In addition to using creative discussion techniques and approaches which aim to encourage participants to become more actively involved, we boast extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry. This means that our moderators can adopt a stance when necessary and can critically question the participants’ viewpoints.

We not only assist with creative processes, e.g. during co-creation projects, but also offer strategy and implementation workshops. Our portfolio also includes mediation sessions and training courses so that we can share our expert knowledge in the field of empirical research.

  • Co-creation

    We bring you together with your target groups and/or customers so that you can create new products and ideas or improve your existing strategies. Using interactive techniques and methods, we oversee creative design processes.

    When devising strategies, we not only consider offline settings, but also use online tools to facilitate group discussions. This allows creative results to be achieved, such as online content or service plans, which meet both your own requirements and those of your customers.

  • Training

    As an expert in research methods, medpirica sees itself as a supportive partner which engages in and encourages specialist discussions with clients. This passion for communicating with our clients drives us to organise and design training sessions in areas such as empirical research.

    Our training courses give you the chance to discover or find out more about research techniques and methods like ethnography. We train you to use studies and results more effectively or to apply the methods you learn during your everyday working lives, e.g. when mentoring junior members of staff.

  • Strategy workshops

    We use our experience and expertise to help you develop strategic concepts. For example, we can join forces with you to devise strategies which, for example, enable you to resolve sales-related matters or to stand out from the competition in the long term.

    We employ a variety of special techniques during our workshops. One example is role reversal, which gives participants the chance to view scenarios from different perspectives. We breathe new life into your workshops by introducing innovative methods and building a creative atmosphere. This approach not only encourages more active participation, but also makes events more effective.

  • Implementation and creative workshops

    We use our workshops to help you design and optimise your processes, materials and activities. Workshop topics include the creative development and improvement of marketing and communication materials.

    When conducting our workshops, we draw on a wide range of creative techniques which take both rational and emotional aspects into account. To generate ideas and find solutions, we use association games, collages and role plays.

  • Mediation

    To help our clients settle disputes and use the power of communication to solve specific problems, we offer structured mediation sessions. Our mediators support you to resolve arguments between parties with conflicting interests in a sympathetic and understanding manner. Besides dedicated mediation sessions to resolve conflicts, where necessary we also use mediation techniques during our other workshops to bring them to a successful conclusion in the event of disagreements.



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